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New to affiliate marketing?


Use the link above  to login in to the member area for Affiliate Promo Formula. Go thru the training John has available as video, PDF and MP3.


There are several different forums where you can find help with marketing efforts or get your questions answered. Listed in no particular order:


Warrior Forum

Wicked Fire

Associate Programs


Additional Marketing Ideas


Here are a few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Top 10 Reasons People Buy:


1. *Make Money

2. *Save Money

3. *Save Time

4. *Avoid Effort

5. *Escape physical or mental Pain

6. Increase Comfort

7. Greater Cleanliness

8. Better physical or mental Health

9. Praise

10. *Social Success - dating/relationships/popularity


* PLR-Relationship-Wizard is the answer to these





1. Conference calls with your list

2. Recorded educational calls for your list (Just ask me, I can help!)

3. Article marketing: productivity, list building, product creation, etc. Most article directories do NOT want content about using private label rights material.

4. Guest blogging post that leads to a link to a giveaway report with your affiliate links

5. Sell a low cost report or give away a report with affiliate links to PLR-Relationship-Wizard inside or PLR-Relationship-Wizard as an upsell

6. Use content from PLR Relationship Wizard as a member to produce your own websites and keep records of your success; now market your results with the PLR-Relationship-Wizard affiliate links.

7. Include a bonus to people who purchase through you link.

8. Hold a special teleseminar with product owners who have products that

are complementary - such as PLR-Relationship-Wizard, Wordpress plugin

creator, SEO program, Article marketing program, Offline Marketing






Would you like to do a conference call together? You can offer it as a unique bonus to people who purchase from you or as a lead in to purchase. We can have it recorded and you can add it to your follow up email to people who buy as a bonus.

Let's talk about:


1. How to use PLR

2. How to rewrite PLR so even Google won't know it's PLR

3. Long list of successful business models using content

4. Setting up a business at home

5. Top 7 reasons online business fail and how to avoid them

6. 15 ways to promote your blog

7. Create original content from PLR for Amazon & market them successfully


Not sure which one you want to offer? Set up a survey on Survey Monkey and give them 3 or 4 choices. Have two that are too close to call? I'll do both!


Contact me through my support desk and we can put a call on the schedule.


Gail's Support Desk